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The river Blackwater and the bay: In the middle of the southern coast between Cork and Waterford, the river Blackwater opens up in to a large bay and then narrows to a causeway. On the west side of the cause way on a steep hill is the historic towne of Youghal. On the east side are the green open hills and cattle fields of Kinsaleabeg. From the Kinsaleabeg side there is a spit pointing out to the towne of Youghal where a ferry used to take people across to the towne, instead of the long bike or horse drawn cart ride around the bay. It takes about 10 minutes to drive today around the bay to the towne of Youghal. From the Ferrypoint it is about two football field lengths away. A lovely spot to take an evening walk and see the lights and the goings on in the towne.

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The towne of Youghal has a good tourist office. There are numerous musical and dance performances in the months of June, July and August. The Sacred-Root promotes excellent concerts all year round in the old medieval church in Youghal, (a church more than worth a visit). Be sure to check out their schedule at

Above: The cliff walk of Ardmore. This location is just a 10 minute drive from Keanes Cottage.
Keanes Cottage is about one hour from the fishing village of Dunmore East and Waterford. 20 minutes from Dungarvan and 45 minutes from Cork. Take a drive through the “V”, with incredible views, rhododendrons and hanging moss. And if there are true fairies in Ireland, they are here.

There is plenty of great dining.  Some of the very best smoked salmon in Ireland is made and sold here at ’Youghal Bay Seafoods’. For pottery, Jack O’Patsy (which is locally made) and Stephen Pierce have opened a new shop on the main street of Youghal.
Golf courses are fairly abundant in Ireland. Check this site for Counties Cork and Waterford. 
Car Hire: recommended is Dan Dooley Car Rental. Their US reservation number is: (800) 331-9301 Use code: 0017 for a 10% discount.

Travel Route: from Philadelphia, it is recommended to fly into Dublin or Shannon Airports. Usually the most frequent and cheapest flights are with US Airways, but check around.

Two bedrooms/two full bathrooms, and a small room for a child. Large kitchen, dining room and living room. House is equipped with all modern conveniences, stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer, microwave, house telephone and internet ready. Views of the bay and the towne of Youghal, and cows often coming to the bedroom and kitchen window for breakfast.

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